Frequently Asked Questions.

How is ASCE funded?

ASCE is funded by the undergraduate student activity fee. (Associated Students' Constitution, Section 6, Article 1)

What is the current budget for ASCE this academic year?

The ASCE Budget for the 2022-2023 academic year can be found on the Associated Students' Website. Previous ASCE Budgets can be found there as well.

Who can join ASCE?

Any current undergraduate student enrolled at UC San Diego can join us!

How can I get involved in ASCE?

There are many different ways undergraduates can get involved in ASCE through both paid and volunteer opportunities.

Directors and Coordinators are paid ASCE Staff who work to carry out the programming and marketing of ASCE events. This work includes booking artists through talent agencies, coordinating with local vendors for various services, designing marketing campaigns to engage students, and more.

Interns are unpaid ASCE Staff who assist and learn from ASCE Directors and Coordinators. This work includes shadowing team members, brainstorming event and marketing campaigns, working with other UC San Diego student organizations, and more.

General body members, or ASCE Cubs, are the heart and soul of ASCE! Attending our General Body Meetings every Monday from 4-5 PM in Price Center's Bear Room, volunteering at ASCE events, and contributing to various ASCE planning committees, ASCE Cubs are any currently enrolled UC San Diego undergraduate student who have a passion for the arts and entertainment.

How much do ASCE Directors and Coordinators get paid?

ASCE Director and Coordinator stipends can be found in the ASCE Budget for the 2022-2023 academic year on the Associated Students' Website. Previous ASCE Staff stipends can be found there as well.

How do you choose artists?

At ASCE, we conduct multiple student feedback surveys throughout the academic year, such as our yearly Entertainment Survey, Sun God Expectations Survey, and Quarter-Specific Feedback Surveys. In our surveys, we ask students to input their own artist suggestions for us to consider, as well as their favorite musical genres. Considering the frequency of artists & genres in survey results, budget limitations, and ASCE's event values, we undergo a rigorous screening process amongst our ASCE Staff Members, our Campus Events professional staff advisors, and various campus personnel to select potential artists to make initial offers to.