We are ASCE.

About Us:

The Associated Students office of Concerts & Events (ASCE) is the student programming board responsible for some of the longest standing campus traditions at UC San Diego, such as You At The Loft, Bear Gardens, and the Sun God Festival. Utilizing student input, we pride ourselves in catering to our student body through a diverse range of events. Any undergraduate student interested in our organization can join and contribute to our team by becoming a general body member.

Our Vision:

To spearhead a culture at UC San Diego that prioritizes the college experience of current students.

Our Mission:

To provide standout programming for the UC San Diego undergraduate student body to make their college experience memorable.

Our Core Values:

Accessibility: our organization is open to any undergraduate willing to join

Recognizability: we pride ourselves in careful, precise planning and execution

Input: basing our decisions off of student data

Meet the Team

ASCE has become synonymous with exquisite detail, beautiful production, and exceptional talent. Each of the departments within our office work together to create the experience that you enjoy.

Sr. Associate Vice President

The Sr. Associate Vice President manages the office and its various departments. The Sr. AVP oversees financial accounts, event planning, talent booking, marketing, and staff development. They also act as a liaison between ASCE and its external partners, including the Associated Students President, the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, and more.

Jennifer Lee


Sr. Associate Vice President

Staff Development

The Chief of Staff oversees all staff development efforts, including planning our weekly general body meetings, encouraging outreach, and retaining our event volunteers. In addition to the health of all of our student staff, they work to help our student leaders build lifelong careers skill sets.



Chief of Staff


The sponsorship team works with all the different teams of ASCE to ensure sponsorship needs are met. They research, obtain, and maintain relationships with on- and off-campus entities to ensure that the ASCE events include diverse programming and freebies for the student body.

Camilla Lomarquez


Sr. Associate Vice President

Marketing Team

The Marketing Team is responsible for integrating ASCE into the UCSD student life by promoting our events and brand via several different outlets. Working to advertise our programs, festivals, and volunteer opportunities, this team helps to not only put our events in front of students, but also grow the organization as a whole.

Olivia Tan


Marketing Director

Victoria Edeeva


Marketing Coordinator

Carolina Parra Solorio


Marketing Coordinator

Festivals Team

The festivals team works year-round to create the longest lasting memories to add to the UC San Diego undergraduate experience. The festivals team programs the annual Sun God Festival, now a household name on campus. They also are curating the first ever Horizon Arena Concert to provide students with an experience that will transport students Beyond the Horizon. As one of the leading college music festivals in the nation and the largest event on UC San Diego campus, Sun God Festival strives to be the highlight of the school year.

Sierra Badua


Festivals Director

Jun Jang


Festivals Coordinator

Lauren Jiang


Festivals Coordinator

Bear Garden Team

The Bear Garden team works to put on five daytime carnivals throughout the academic year. A space for students to lounge and wind down with free food, games, and prizes, the Bear Gardens have grown to become increasingly popular amongst the undergraduate population.

Jay Wilson


Bear Garden Director

Xinchen Fu


Bear Garden Coordinator

Special Events Team

The Special Events team is the creative powerhouse of ASCE. Putting on five to eight events per quarter, this team looks for ways to build new campus traditions and provide events for new, diverse audiences.



Special Events Director

Spencer Kennebeck


Special Events Coordinator

Catherine Santa-Presca


Special Events Coordinator