Sun God Festival 2014

AS Concerts & Events Presents

Sun God Festival 2014

Fri, May 16th, 2014

UC San Diego Associated Students Concerts & Events proudly presents...

Friday, May 16th, 2014
2PM – 12AM

The most anticipated event of the year is almost here! The daylong festival will feature three distinct stages, student performances, and vendor booths. This year, keep an eye out for new festival components as well -- including a KSDT sponsored arcade game section, interactive art pieces, and other special surprises throughout the day.

This year’s full lineup will be released in the next couple weeks. Like us on Facebook and check to stay posted on the latest news and event information.


To Be Announced...

----------TICKETS & WRISTBANDS----------

UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS: FREE (subject to venue capacity) 

To attend this year’s Sun God Festival, eligible UC San Diego undergraduates MUST register online starting Thursday, May 8, 2014 in order to RESERVE a wristband. There are only 20,000 reservations available, in accordance with RIMAC Field capacity. All students who have reserved a wristband MUST pick up wristbands on Thursday, May 15, 2014 at the Marshall Field Box Office between 10am and 9pm. Wristbands will be available for pickup ONLY on Thursday, May 15 in person with valid UCSD ID. No wristbands will be available on the day of the festival, Friday, May 16.

In order to be eligible for a Sun God Festival wristband, you must be an UC San Diego undergraduate student enrolled at UC San Diego for at least one quarter during the 2013-2014 school year. Summer Sessions are not applicable. International students whose PID begins with the letter "A" are also eligible for undergraduate wristbands.

Re-entry will be allowed for the entirety of the festival with a valid wristband, subject to Event Management protocols.

-----HEALTH & SAFETY-----
Health and safety is our first priority at Sun God festival. To protect yourself and your fellow festival goers, please review our health and safety page. Look out for one another -- be a good friend and peer. Learn about and take advantage of the Responsible Action Protocol. Educate yourself about the changes in festival format this year and how we can continue to make Sun God Festival the most vibrant UC San Diego tradition for years to come.


Plan ahead! Can you answer every Sun God Festival Planning Question?

1) Who is your festival buddy / emergency contact?
2) Is your local address updated on Triton Link in case you need help getting home?
3) Do you plan on drinking that day? If so, set your limit before you start, and don't feel pressured to go over it!
4) How are you getting to and from the festival? Have you considered the UC San Diego shuttle system, AS Safe Rides, or our festival transportation partner, Uber?
5) In case you or your friends get separated, do you have a meet up location on the field?
6) Is at least one member in your festival group a trained Sun God Festival Floatie? Learn more about the program here:

-------------FLOATIE INFORMATION------------
Are you “that friend” who takes care of everyone when you all go out? Do you want to know a BIT more if sticky situations come up? Do you want a chance to meet a performer at this year’s festival?

If you said YES, YES, and YES… you have Floatie potential! Help keep your friends afloat at Sun God this year! Sun God Floaties will receive special training on alcohol education, safety, and bystander intervention. Trained Floaties will also get an S.P.F. (Safe Party Floatie) Kit the day of wristband pick up! There are trainings throughout the month of April. Floaties can also co-lead mini-workshops to educate their friends, student organizations, or residents.

To find out dates/times/locations and to register, visit:

-----------WATER PROGRAM-----------

Free water will be available to patrons who bring a reusable, non-glass, empty water bottle to the water booths marked on the festival map! Reusable bottles will be available for sale at Triton Outfitters as well as at the festival's water booths & merchandise booths. Single-use cups will be available for $1. Please note that even sealed disposable water bottles will neither be allowed to enter the festival, nor will they be sold on festival grounds.

Visit for full details.


Sun God Festival merch will be on sale soon!

-------SUN GOD FOR A CAUSE--------



Red Bull
UCSD Bookstore
Hindsight Rehearsal Studios
Chilli Beans
Dollar Shave Club


---------------MORE INFO-----------------

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