About ASCE

Associated Students Concerts & Events books, coordinates, and is responsible for all of the largest events and traditions at UC San Diego, such as the All Campus Dance, Hullabaloo, and Sun God Festival. We also pride ourself in taking on a wide range of other concerts and events including shows at The Loft, Bear Gardens, and public ticket events.

We look forward to continuing our tradition of sponsoring great, professional events that make UC San Diego one of the most enviable campuses on the West Coast.

Get Involved

Interested in planning future events like Bear Garden, shows at The Loft, and Sun God Festival? Lucky you - ASCE relies heavily on office interns!

ASCE meets every Monday at 4:00 PM in the Student Leadership Chambers on the 4th floor of Price Center East. Feel free to start attending at any point throughout the year.

Contact Us

AS Concerts & Events can be reached in the following ways: