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Behind the magic


AS Concerts & Events consists of UC San Diego students that book, coordinate, and are responsible for all of the largest events and traditions at UC San Diego, such as Fall Y'all, Hullabaloo, and Sun God Festival. ASCE prides itself in taking on a wide range of other concerts and events including shows at The Loft, Bear Gardens, and public ticket events.


AS Concerts & Events has become synonymous with exquisite detail, beautiful production, great talent, and a great time. Each of the departments within our office work together to create the experience that you enjoy

Sun God Festival | Hullabaloo

Sun God Festival has become a campus-wide name. Our Festies Team works year round to curate the top college music festival in the nation. Of course, producing a 20,000 person festival was not enough for our team. Four years ago Hullabaloo was born. This festival celebrates the beauty of color, sound, taste, and thrill. You will find that the food, music, and rides at Hullabaloo create an experience you will never forget.


None of our efforts would be possible without the Marketing team. This department is the reason why ASCE has become an integral part of UCSD student life. The execution of marketing strategies based on data and target audience analysis has helped make our events successful.


Ten years ago students noticed that something at UC San Diego was missing. A space to chill, vibe, and destress on Fridays. Bear Gardens do just that. Our Bear Garden carnivals provide that space. They bring the campus together to play BEARy enjoyable games while enjoying a vast variety of free food. The event is open to all undergraduate students, but for our students that are no longer cub the nectar of life is available for consumption.


This department within ASCE is our creative powerhouse. The term special event is broad and covers a wide variety. Anything that is not a Bear Garden or a Festival is put on by our Specials Team. This includes ALL CAMPUS DANCE, the ASCE Concert Series, ASCE Cinema, and the ASCE Panel Series.